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Paddy Queally, 1999 - first page of photos. Check out latest photos here.

Newly arrived   1999
paddy/p990307-01a.jpg Newly arrived paddy and mum in hospital paddy/p990323-01a.jpg Bathtime! (paddy/p990323-02a.jpg)
Smiley! Mum and Paddy
- eye poking!
click on me - I'm cute! paddy/eye_poking.jpg paddy/p9910-02a.jpg paddy/p990609a.jpg
  Gramps and Paddy Gramps and Paddy
at Plymouth Station
paddy/p9910-01a.jpg paddy/gramps_and_paddy.jpg paddy/grampspaddy9910-01a.jpg paddy/grampspaddy9910-02a.jpg
Kate and Paddy Paddy Eating
Mar 8, 2000 
Mar 9, 2000